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It Doesn't Just Happen in the Movies

In travel, there are several reasons to let people know where you're going. Things happen and it's important to be prepared.

Register your itinerary

It's a good idea to register your travel itinerary with the US State Department before you leave. Although we often think 'it won't happen to me,' it's a crazy world out there and unexpected events can happen. Terrorist attacks, natural disasters like floods or earthquakes, labor strikes that down an airport or border, an outbreak of war, or border conflict are all unexpected yet possible things that happen frequently around the world.

It's an easy online experience

If you go online and register your itinerary with the State Department, that means someone from the US government knows you're in an affected country and roughly where you might be. Generally, the US government tries to assist US citizens in the wake of serious events by getting them out of the country when indicated. FIlling out the form takes just a few minutes and could help with your rescue if the worst happens. We register with the State Department on all our foreign trips.

Alleviate the anxiety

Similarly to registering your itinerary with the State Department, leave a copy of your scheduled flights and your trip itinerary, including an emergency number for your cruise line, travel company, etc., with a family member or close friend when you're traveling.

In case of natural disasters, accidents, and more, it's rarely enough for your family member or friend to know that you were flying to France on Tuesday. Providing them in advance with information on airline, airport, flight, and itinerary can help alleviate a lot of unnecessary anxiety or, conversely, let family members know that you might be in trouble.

These tips for travelers are from Author Sherry Knowlton's travel memoirs, Beyond the Sunset: Volume 1 & Volume 2. Buy the book, in Kindle or paperback, today!

Also available at Sunbury Press or wherever most books are sold.


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