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A Case for Digital Detox while Traveling

In travel, sometimes taking a break means more than just leaving work behind.

What type of mobile coverage do you need?

Research your cell phone coverage and charges for your destination before you leave home. At one time, certain mobile phones had no overseas coverage. At this point, most smartphones contain SIM cards that allow mobile phones to work in all but the most remote areas of the world. If having a phone in areas with no cellular infrastructure is critical, buying or renting a satellite phone may be the only option. However, having coverage doesn't always mean that we want to pay for it.

Gasp, mobile coverage isn't always needed!

Depending upon our destination and our need for instant access to telephone and data, we may turn off those features of our phones and activate them only via wi-fi at stops along the way. Other times, we may activate just one of our phones. I advise that you check out the costs before you leave home. I've known too many people (or their children) who've unknowingly racked up hundreds of dollars in mobile phone costs on vacation only to be floored by their next bill.

Mobile charges can take you by surprise

Border situations can be particularly tricky. When we stayed on St. John USVI, our cell phone plan included the island under the United States coverage area. However, there were a few beaches located so near to the British Virgin Islands that our phones locked into BVI mobile towers. Each day that happened, we had a daily out-of-country charge. Eventually, we figured out the "BVI spots" and turned off our reception in those areas.

Consider a digital detox

A question to ask when traveling is, "Do I really need access to phone, text, emails, and the internet?" Sometimes, leaving the phone behind is a great way to cut the tether while away. Taking the phone and leaving it turned off except for emergencies is another method of "digital detox" while vacationing. You might just love it.

These tips for travelers are from Author Sherry Knowlton's travel memoirs, Beyond the Sunset: Volume 1 & Volume 2. Buy the book, in Kindle or paperback, today!

Also available at Sunbury Press or wherever most books are sold.

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