Pat LaMarche Book Review of DEAD ON THE DELTA

by Pat LaMarche, Author of Magic Diary and Still Left Out In America

“Knowlton has outdone herself.”

Sherry Knowlton has outdone herself. Dead on the Delta has perched itself in the top tier of my favorite mystery novels. Knowlton’s brilliance starts with her calm delivery, seductive settings, powerful character development and colorful imagery. Once hooked,

Knowlton shocks the reader from the safe world in which she’d so masterfully – if briefly – secured them. 


Knowlton moves her courageous, savvy and lovable heroine halfway across the world and takes her faithful readers along for the trip. I’ve wanted to go to sub-Saharan Africa for such a long time. Knowlton’s descriptions of the terrain are masterful and in some

ways sated my curiosity – but not completely. Dead on the Delta makes me even more anxious to get to Africa – as long as I don’t have to go alone!

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