Dead of Summer - 777 challenge


Melissa F. Miller, Author passed me the following challenge: "to share 7 lines from page 7 of my work in progress and tag 7 author friends to do the same." Even though I was in the middle of working through my editor's comments on DEAD of SUMMER, of course I dropped everything to comply.

Here are my 7 (okay 6) lines from DEAD of SUMMER to be published in the next few weeks:

With dread Alexa turned to survey the rest of the room. She moaned and swayed when she spied a pool of blood on the floor at her feet. “Not again. This can’t be happening again,” she protested under her breath.

As she looked in revulsion at the blood, a thin crescent of red inched toward her like a scarlet claw. She jerked her foot away in horror before she realized that it was a lone, blood-drenched fly, staggering out of the crimson pool in a drunken stupor.

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