This blog will feature snippets of information about some of the topics in my books, stories about my travels, book reviews, and thoughts about life in general.  Feedback is always welcome.

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January 30, 2015

The Pennsylvania Chapter of the Sierra Club published one of my poems in the Winter 2015 edition of their newsletter, The Sylvanian.  The poem is reprinted below.  The Sierra Club does wonderful work on environmental issues.  Their motto is "explore, enjoy and protect the planet."


In Wildness is the Preservation of the World

(In Tribute to Thoreau)


An explosion of green.

The silverback emerges from the jungle.

Heart racing from the mock charge,

I spend the next hour entranced by his family

Gentle giants of the highland mists.


Hear the drums of danger beat.

Jungle felled for crops to eat.

Brutal tramp of soldiers’ feet.

Starving villagers hunt bush meat.

The last mountain gorillas in desperate retreat.


Lumbering across the golden savannah,

Mother and child pause to graze.

Delighted at this r...

September 22, 2014

My husband, Mike, and I took an International Expeditions safari to Uganda, primarily to see mountain gorillas in the wild.  The two-week safari was a great adventure.  We drove hundreds of miles through Uganda, mainly on narrow asphalt or dirt roads.  We got to travel in the fabled Mountains of the Moon. We saw a wonderful and wide variety of animals from both safari vehicle and boat.  Along with elephants, leopards, giraffes, zebras, hippos and crocs, we saw unusual animals like the rare shoebill stork, tree climbing lions and chimpanzees.


But, mountain gorillas were our main goal for the trip.  Mountain gorillas are critically endangered.  Their numbers have been ravaged by loss of habitat, poaching and civil war.  As a result of dedicated efforts to protect these magnifi...

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