Fracking. Political corruption. A dead Senator. A dying child. With Sherry Knowlton's trademark mix of feminism, history, romance and fast-paced thrills, Dead of Spring places Alexa Williams on a collision course with danger. Hang on for the ride.


* 2017 Best Book Awards Finalist - Fiction: Mystery/Suspense Category

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Steve Berry on DEAD OF SUMMER

New York Times and #1 International Bestselling Author

“Alexa Williams is a sassy, alpha-female heroine.  The plot is knotty, lots of will-she or won’t she, all woven into an intense battle of wits that heats up every page.  While reading, I could almost see the credits rolling for the movie." 

Melissa F. Miller on DEAD OF SUMMER

USA TODAY bestselling author of legal thrillers and romantic comedic mysteries

“Fans of Sherry Knowlton's "Dead of Autumn," will find summer to be an equally deadly season. "Dead of Summer" is a riveting, suspenseful read as it crosses time and space while Alexa unravels a murder. Residents of Central Pennsylvania will particularly enjoy the authentic, local touches.” 

Heidi Ruby Miller on DEAD OF SUMMER

Author of the Ambasadora series

Sherry Knowlton's follow-up book is just as edgy and engaging as Dead of Autumn. Continuing with the seasonal theme, Dead of Summer captures the season in multiple times and places, especially present day southcentral Pennsylvania, where the people are intriguing and real. Alexa Williams reprises her role as lawyer/amateur sleuth/women's rights activist and reminds us that smart women can still have emotions without sacrificing strength. The plot issues concerning human trafficking were powerful. I look forward to seeing what Sherry does with the next installments of the series.”

Mark Leggatt on DEAD OF SUMMER

Author of International Thriller 'Names of the Dead'

“I enjoyed this immensely, it’s an atmospheric, twisting tale of deceit and discovery, in evocative Americana settings. The main character is drawn into a murky world of sex-trafficing, charismatic characters, both young and old, where the good and bad are hard to define, until the chilling resolution. Highly recommended.  An atmospheric, twisting tale of deceit and discovery, in evocative Americana settings.”

Val Muller on DEAD OF SUMMER

Author of the Faulkners Apprentice and Corgi Capers

"Like the first book, I enjoyed Dead of Summer. The author’s selection of detail helped me imagine that I was there with the characters, and by the end Alexa once again felt more like a friend than a character. I knew about her coffee and yoga habits, her family dinner on Friday night… It helped that Alexa seems as tied to her giant and lovable dog as I am to my corgis.


With all Alexa has been through, she seems to become skeptical of almost everyone (especially guys), and since we see much of the story through her eyes, her skepticism helped keep me guessing. I especially enjoyed that the thrills kept coming, even after I reached what I thought was the denouement.


The Woodstock story was entertaining, and I kept waiting for the connection to modern day to be made–which it was, adding to the tension of Alexa’s situation. All in all, I enjoyed this thriller."

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