A lighthearted morning trip to test a new drone turns deadly for attorney Alexa Williams and two close friends when they find a stranger’s bullet-riddled body in a remote field in rural Pennsylvania. Next to the dead man is a note that declares: Allahu Akbar.  Read full synopsis here.


Gayle Lynds on DEAD OF WINTER

New York Times best-selling author of The Assassins

“With riveting suspense and vivid details, Dead of Winter by Sherry Knowlton brings the towns and forests of Southcentral Pennsylvania to vivid life as cultures and beliefs clash in a searing tale of murder, love, and communal fear.  From flying drones to police investigations and legal wrangling, Dead of Winter will keep you guessing and glued raptly to your reading chair.” 

Midwest Book Review by Alma Bonds on DEAD OF WINTER

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“Ms. Knowlton is a fine writer, who writes beautiful prose as good as that of much of our finest fiction … The book is an intriguing, suspenseful story which grabs the attention of the reader from the very first page … Alexa Williams again proves a formidable heroine in this suspenseful tale of international corruption and hatred.”

J. J. Hensley on DEAD OF WINTER

Author of Bolt Action Remedy and Record Scratch

“Sherry Knowlton brilliantly weaves contemporary issues into a riveting mystery that will stick with you long after the last page is turned. In Dead of Winter, the reader can sense a fuse has been lit and is burning closer to a rural Pennsylvania town that is on the brink after a series of deaths appear to lead back to the normally tranquil setting. While addressing xenophobia, racism, and America’s complicated history, Dead of Winter is the novel we need and the story we want.”

Author Matty Dalrymple on DEAD OF WINTER

Author of the Lizzy Ballard Thrillers and the Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels and Shorts

“In Dead of Winter, Sherry Knowlton examines the explosive combination of ignorance and fear that results in hate and violence.


Knowlton uses her familiarity with both small town South Central Pennsylvania and the wilds of Africa to good advantage in her fourth Alexa Williams novel. Her use of drone technology to set up the discovery of the crime in which Alexa will find herself caught up is clever.


Knowlton skillfully weaves together two story lines. One involves the flight north of two Virginia slaves in the years leading up to the Civil War, with Pennsylvania representing the land of freedom and equality. One involves current-day racial tensions, where the same ground is the site of racially motivated intimidation tactics and terroristic threats.


A thought-provoking novel dealing with issues that are as important now as they were at the time of the Underground Railroad."

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